April 20, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 16
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Lipstick and Lust
Life, lust and the pursuit of hot bodies at Norwescon, allergy season hits hard, and more in this Lipstick and Lust
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid - SGN A&E Writer

As I sit here writing this, my nose and face make me think of those cartoons where either Donald Duck or some other character is sneezing, sniffling and stars are circling their heads, indicating how icky they feel. Allergy season has hit this one hard and believe me, it bites big time. Bless the Divine Dr. Que, for helping me to maintain my sanity and healing me through this, yet another effect of global warming--the weather's been weird, so everything bloomed early, thus this allergy season really bites... And, having four planets in Leo, I feel like a grouchy lioness. So, its not fun.

Well enough whining (that's not the reason you read this column, now is it?), and on to tales of The Little Brown Fox and her adventures in Norwesconland, last weekend (Easter weekend). Oh baby, even as we were trying to help some friends hook up, trying to be a good mom (The Fabulous Daughter attended on Saturday), and try to spy some hot, new stuff to tangle with later in the evening, lust was a 'brewin' all over the place. Nothing like the weekend being under the raunchy sign of Sag, to get everyone's juices flowing. And this one did hook up later with not one, but two hotties, and got the stars banged out of herself by one of them. Very good times. And yes, I did finally get to some workshops too, being the sensible person that I can be at times.

Very much looking forward to re-connecting with the bangin' hottie in the future (check out my blog to see the 'before' picture--the rest are for my eyes only sweeties, sorry!), and having more fun in The Digs. And yes, I did try some great cosmetics, some of which I believe made me the toast of the Biohazard party, where another hottie and I danced the night away, and some other dance partners kept this one busy until the high heeled boots I was wearing just became too, too uncomfortable. That started the footrub at the Merchants of Deva party, that got this one and her two willing playmates thrown out on our little ears. I guess even cons can boast playa haters after that little 'moment of stuffiness'.

So, the products this one tried. I am so loving the Lola 'Glola Gold Shimmering Dry Body Oil' that I wore on Saturday last. It smells delicious and makes your skin look so touchable folks might end up lifting you up in the air and kissing you madly like a certain cutie pie did for me at the Biohazard party. Try it, you'll see. And do try 'Flower Bomb' eau de cologne, (which you can pick up at Nordstrom), which makes one smell sweet, but not overly so.

Also lovin' Murad's 'Essential C Night Moisture' (undoubtedly the reason everyone says I don't look my age honey!), and their Essential C Eye Cream, with SPF 15. Good stuff that you can pick up at my fave beauty place, Sephora. Go there and pick up some new, Spring colors, and a new scent for the warmer days ahead.

And, oh my, my little heart is still worn and torn over 'Army sweetie', who I think is sending this one 'psychic messages' (sometimes being psychic is cool, sometimes it is very, very hard) from the war zone. I feel ya my darling, and I'm sending back all the good vibes and happy memories of laughing and loving in my apartment I can muster. Just hope that one gets back safe and sound, so more fun can be had, and, who knows, there might even be that little Ocean Shores hand-fasting this one is fantasizing about. Sure hope so. In the mean time, I am also still hoping for a hook up with a certain officer of the law, who this one saw yesterday looking bodacious in that blue uniform. Booyah, and then some!

So that's it for now, and if you're looking for something (besides chasing booty like this little kitty) to do this weekend, then you could go and check out art by Aisha Masakela, which'll be on display at Safeco Jackson Street Center (306 23rd Avenue S.) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Or you can go and hear astronaut Navy captain Wendy Lawrence speak at the Museum of Flight and Industry, from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Call 7645720, or go online to for more info on ticket prices. This one hopes to be there and maybe do an interview.

Stay tuned for more on this in an upcoming issues of L&L, or on the L&L blog. And do feel free to email me at, and let me know what you think about the column and the blog. Buhbye and enjoy what little sun we are getting these days and be nice to each other out there!

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