April 20, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 16
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Dear SGN,
The Purr Lounge team clawed their way past Check Masters to 1st place in the Rise n' Shine Big Bail Out by raising $4,758 in bail. Team Check Masters brought in $4,731.20.

John Garcia of Check Masters wins 1st place for an individual with $1,845 in bail money. Sorry Barbie Humphrey of Purr, he beat you on this one. Barbie's total was $1,705.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence get applause for arriving at jail with their $1,600 in bail money in hand.

First place winners each receive a donated IPod Shuffle.

All proceeds from the Big Bail Out go to support Rise n' Shine's summer camp for children and teens affected by HIV/AIDS.

Sinerely, Janet Trinkaus
Founding Director
Rise n' Shine

Dear SGN,
Thanks for your help with Vow To Take A Stand, Equality Day and your cooperation working with us in our efforts to move LGBT equality forward. You are a great partner and I appreciate your to Seattle in December. I look forward to partnering with you move soon!

Thanks, Nathan Riding
ERW Field Organizer

Dear SGN,
Thank you for your review of Seattle Rep's My Name is Rachel Corrie (March 30, 2007). I hope that it encourages readers to go see the play. We are lucky to have the play appear here in Seattle, and it has been extended-to May 6, which shows how much it has been appreciated.

I just wanted to point out a small error in your review. Rachel Corrie was not in the West Bank, but the Gaza Strip. Together with East Jerusalem, these are the three Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Gaza Strip is a small territory which fronts the Mediterranean and is on the border with Egypt, about 25 by 5 miles; Rafah is on the southern border.

Another item which got my attention is that you put in parentheses is the word "illegal", as in "'illegal' actions of the Israeli government". I assume that you were left unclear about why or how Israel's actions could be illegal. There are several statutes relevant to how a people under military occupation is to be treated by the occupier; regarding home demolitions, extra-judicial killings, collective punishment, etc.--these are all illegal under the 4th Geneva Convention. The Geneva Conventions are a cornerstone of international human rights law.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, Erin Wade

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