April 20, 2007
Volume 35
Issue 16
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Where It's At
Junior Boys working up a sweat at Chop Suey; Klaxons bring 'new rave' party to The Crocodile Café
by Albert Rodriguez and Jessica Browning - SGN A&E Writers

Junior Boys w/ San Serac, New Grey Area
Saturday, April 21- 9pm
Chop Suey - $10

If you're like me and have been waiting for the chance to see Junior Boys headline their own Seattle date, you will soon have your chance. The last time Junior Boys graced our fair city they appeared on the sold-out KEXP "Yule Benefit" in December. Although by that time I was captivated by their upbeat, simplified electro-pop, I couldn't face a mixed bag concert stuffed to capacity. Somehow, I felt their particular brand of stylish, modern pop deserved more focus, more room to stretch out and luxuriate in its own strength.

The Canadian duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus have dropped a handful of EPs, a lovely debut called Last Exit, and most recently 2006's near-perfect So This Is Goodbye. The crispness of the beats is arresting right away, but the understated clarity of the vocals is what sets Junior Boys apart from the pack. Sometimes it's the space between the beats that makes the biggest impression. So This Is Goodbye is a love letter to the most fleeting moments in life. According to the band, it's something of a "requiem to the everyday". Fans of Mouse on Mars and Hot Chip will definitely not want to miss this show, although Junior Boys are in every way more subtle and delicate. You can get your groove on, or you can easily find yourself lost in the keenly observant lyrics. Gay boys and fashionable gals who yearn for the sophisticated chill of the early days of Massive Attack might find themselves at home at this concert. Junior Boys are simply the next generation. They are intuitive and stylish, with not just a pulse but a heart beating steadily beneath the clicking melodies.

The comparison to Hot Chip is no accident. Junior Boys supported them on their UK tour, and members of both that band and Mouse on Mars have worked on the duo's single remixes. Most notable is the excellent Hot Chip remix of "In The Morning". Next up, the boys head to Portland and soon after, onto Coachella. Out in the desert, they will definitely bring some cool relief to the sweaty masses that can dance, or just pause and listen for a bit. These boys have been touring incessantly for the past year, and the excitement over So This Is Goodbye has not yet let up. Fortunately for Seattle, Chop Suey has always been an excellent local supporter of innovative, up and coming bands and DJ's. What better way to appreciate a fleeting moment than to get yourself out and spend an evening with Junior Boys? J. Browning

Artist Essentials: Standout tracks from So This Is Goodbye include "In The Morning" and "The Equalizer". Also, check out their debut CD Last Exit. Remixes by Hot Chip are a must!

Klaxons w/ opening acts
Monday, April 23 - 9pm
The Crocodile Café - $10 to $12

Time to get your new rave on. You'll need the following: tight-but-stretchy trousers, worn-in polo shirt, born to disco sneakers, uncombed hair, willingness to dive head first into a barrel of fun, and a CD copy of Myths of the Near Future by England's recently-crowned hipsters, Klaxons. The emerging trio, which formed in London post-college studies and early breakthrough attempts, fuses house, punk, 80s pop, and just-for-kicks lyrics for a bouncy, exciting sound that is getting plenty of love from fans of Franz Ferdinand, LCD Soundsystem and Weezer.

Listen to the band's cool single "Golden Skans" and you'll realize why they're creating such a frenzy. It's got a surfer-meets-dance floor vibe, making it a prime contender for that summer road trip mixtape. The music video for the track features Jamie Reynolds (lead vocals, bass), Simon Taylor (vocals, drums) and James Righton (vocals, keyboards) bare-chested, arms wrapped in shiny ribbons, and rotating on a platform with glittery masks. Just added to the Coachella lineup and scheduled to perform at major European summer festivals (Leeds, Reading, T in the Park), Klaxons are on the fast lane to rock stardom - which is why you gotta catch this hot threesome in an intimate venue before they get really big.

Monday night's show at The Crocodile Café will be a wild and fashionable affair, considering Klaxons are known to bring a party atmosphere to their live appearances and have triple-handily re-popularized the slacker look, complete with metallic-colored hi-tops and vintage cardigans. At the Croc, expect Klaxons to play nearly every track from Myths of the Near Future, including "Golden Skans", "Two Receivers", "Gravity's Rainbow" and "Totem on the Timeline". Beers in the back bar of the Croc is a terrific idea, if you're wanting to mingle with fellow Gays and hetero-flexibles that'll comprise half the audience. The other half will likely be twentysomething, straight chicks with ringing cell phones and brand-name handbags. Ugh! A. Rodriguez

Artist essentials: Watch "Golden Skans" music video on YouTube and ear-sample tracks from Myths of the Near Future on MySpace.

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